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About Us

Welcome to my shop, my names Steve. I’m the founder and owner of I am an avid outdoors person and huge animal lover. My fur baby is Darvy! I rescued him from a shelter back in 2016 he’s a Belgian Malinois. He’s full of energy and life. Like many Mals they are also known as “Maligators” they destroy any toy you put in front of them within seconds.

I wanted to create a shop where you can spoil your #furbabies with all the toys and accessories their hearts desire. Our pets are not nearly here as long as we are so let’s make the time we spend with them memorable. I once heard a quote. “Dogs have such a short lifespan because they already know how to love unconditionally, they are simply here to teach us how to love”. This sentiment resonates with me.

I always had pets growing up my mom loved raising us with Cats,Bunnies,dogs and Guinea Pigs. On this shop you’ll see everything for your pets. All my products are sourced here in the United States and ship within a week. I work really hard to only source what I’d give my own pup. This stores main objective is to be a one stop shop for all things “pets” my manufacturer is located in Florida.

Please browse around, get comfortable and stay awhile, I strive for the best experience here. Unlike others you won’t be plastered with upsells and pop ups. My store is here to keep it simple if you stumbled here from Google or by any other means I want to be very transparent. I’m always open to suggestions, if something you’re looking for is not here please let me know on our blog or contact me at and I’ll be open to try and find what you’re looking for. 

Thanks for visiting!

- Steve

Founder | Toys For A Pet



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